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Welcome to JS Wheels, One of the largest manufacturer of high-quality wheels. We started in 1964 with 50 years of experience, quality and corporate structure, JS Wheels has acquired a very specialized experience in the development, manufacturing and marketing of wheels for Heavy and Light Commercial, Agricultural, Construction, and Earthmoving, Equipments.

All of our products are made under the tolerances with the highest quality materials. We have an extensive range of equipment in our machine shop. Our parts deburring and polishing room completes the finishing process to make our products look their best.

JS Wheels is proud to say that our products are designed and made in INDIA. This means no long wait time for overseas products of questionable quality and reliability. We are your domestic source for quality wheels.

Our Vision
Our Core business is focused on becoming the component partner of choice for leading Automobile Manufacturers. Assisted by a strict quality regime, interaction with customers and an eye on emerging needs, we have carved a niche to cater to some of the India's leading OE Manufacturers.

On the strength of our experience and the depth of our Technological Expertise, we have now geared up to launch ourselves on the high growth global circuit.

Quality Assurance
We ensure high quality and Customer satisfaction through continuous improvements in Technology and Systems of our products through an established system, JSW Wheels ISO 9001:2008 company continuously maintaining and enhancing its certifications to meet globally acclaimed high quality standards

As our commitment to quality, we source our raw material, steel in the form of HR Coils, from highly reputed suppliers in INDIA. Special grade steels are used depending on the application and customer requirements. We constantly work as a team with our customers and steel suppliers to improve the strength and surface finish of the steel.


Research & Development
Through continuous research and development, Our products has been the most preferred choice of clients. We have substantially invested in our research and development subsequently enhancing our capabilities to cater to the diverse requirements of customers in different industrial segments such as Heavy and Light Commercial, Automotive, Agricultural, Construction and Earthmoving equipments.

Innovation has been a core concern throughout our entire range of operations. We are constantly working at improving existing techniques of manufacturing as well as developing new ones to cater to the most demanding requirements of clients in a manner that is economical, productive and delivers consistency in quality standards.

Competitive Edge
When it comes to best quality, you can count upon us. We manufacture our products that are best suited to our customer at a most competitive price. We firmly believe in total customer satisfaction, we also provide them with on time delivery & support.

Our employees are given regular training so as to enhance the efficiency of the plant.

Social Responsibility
We challenge our organization daily to look for an environmentally friendly approaches that further improve the performance and efficiency of our products and solutions.

The key processes comprise regular safety surveillance, inspections and internal audits; permit to work system for operational/maintenance safety; Necessary training is imparted to employees to enhance their awareness in health and safety related matters. We have achieved the status of “zero liquid discharge”.

Water recycling and improve waste management
Our focus teams have been set up within facilities in order to reduce overall raw material waste. A redesigned collection process ensures the flow of waste materials to recycling centers reducing environmental impact.



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